Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustics is the science of study of SOUND - its generation, propagation and finally its receipt by a listener. Unwanted sound is defined as NOISE. Noise is a result of activities such as loud talking, operation of machinery or vehicles in the neighborhood. In today`s world, noise has assumed an important area of study since it affects our way of life, our health and our psychology.

In architectural acoustics, Sahara Insulations has handled Noise control projects and in Automotive Engine and vehicles test cells, Enclosures for very large steam Turbines and for very noisy Gas Turbine. In these assignments, acoustical enclosures housing very noisy mechanical equipment have been treated by us to ensure that the operational areas in the immediate neighborhood experience acceptable levels of disturbance either as prescribed by codes or in line with what is optimum for the activity on the quieter side.

Control of noise, usually termed as "Noise Reduction" is the subject covered by Acoustical Engineering. Design of interiors, however falls within the area of expertise covered by the Architect and the Interior Designer.

Acoustical performance of enclosed spaces such as Office areas is important in that we expect the persons occupying these areas to perform efficiently for fairly long periods. High level of importance is given to ease of voice communication -whether between individuals in the same space or over of telephones, inter- communication equipment or others.

These human activities make a big demand on the nature of the environment in which they are performed. A noisy work-place is considered undesirable for mental tranquility of the occupants, quality of work and hence their Productivity.

Protecting communities from excessive outside noise arising from traffic on highways and busy city traffic requires well rounded solutions covered by an interactive process of various between engineering disciplines.